Welcome To Global Trade Solutions Limited

Global Trade Solutions Ltd specialises in providing the back office services to support small and medium sized organisations involved in international trade.
At Global Trade Solutions we offer the complete range of services to compliment your international trading activities including:

  • the preparation of all documents needed for letter of credit presentations, in accordance with the current Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits (UCP 600)  (read more…)
  • a full range of book-keeping and accountancy services (read more…)
  • the handling of the shipment of your goods (read more…)
At our core, we have a team of qualified professionals providing an experienced banking and accounting infrastructure to compliment your international trading requirements

Documentary Credit | Accounting | Shipping & Insurance


"We were delighted that GTS' accurate documentation and fast presentations saved us money and freed cashflow. Their control of management accounting and cashflow reporting improved banking relationships."

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