The strategy of Global Trade Solutions Ltd is to service a requirement for back office support for small / medium sized organisations involved in international trade.

We have an experienced team of qualified professionals who offer expertise in the support functions of international trade. The networks developed by us are able to provide solutions to organisations that will benefit from an experienced banking and qualified accounting structure. The aim is to effectively support the management of such businesses.

This knowledge and expertise is applicable to all national and cross border transactions as the procedures apply to all types of goods.

Our Services

An initial consultation takes place at your / our offices in order to discuss your requirements.

Subject to negotiations, our services can be provided on-site at your premises or off-site from our own offices.

We offer competitive prices and affordable packages tailored to your individual requirements.

Benefits of using Global Trade Solutions Ltd

Comprehensive, competent back office operations add considerably to overhead costs and place substantial demands on management time.

Global Trade Solutions Ltd's team offer a number of benefits giving you a competitive and reassuring solution:

Cost Savings Through:

  • No direct employment of staff - no employers NIC to pay. No costs or restrictions imposed by employment legislation. No recruiting, redundancy or holiday costs.

  • Taking advantage of economies of scale in Global Trade Solutions for freight, insurance and banking services.

  • Professional services available as a variable cost rather than a fixed employment cost.

Time Savings Through:

  • Immediate response to expansion and contraction of support requirements as the client's business changes.

  • Avoiding the commitment to new employees later found to have inadequate expertise.


"We were delighted that GTS' accurate documentation and fast presentations saved us money and freed cashflow. Their control of management accounting and cashflow reporting improved banking relationships."

Steelinvest Ltd.

"GTS rectified my six month tax and accounting backlog and negotiated considerable financial savings in the process, they have paid for themselves."

Stimpex Ltd.

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